What Are They Worth to the Team?

Anyone who has ever managed or led a team of people will have been Your view of yourselfquestioned about the worth of the various team members.  In today’s hypersensitive world of income fairness this has become a major issue. All people want and deserve to be treated fairly in all aspect of their employment but they rarely, if ever, agree that they might not deserve the same wages as others doing the same job description.  It should never matter what color the person’s skin is or if they are male or female.  The sole barometer should be can they do the job and if they do it better, they should be compensated accordingly.  To demonstrate how this should work, let me share with you a story I was given many years ago.  Continue reading “What Are They Worth to the Team?”

Is Legal Theft a Requirement To Do Business?

Theft WordsAmerica is and has remained for over 200 years the “Land of Opportunity”.  Thanks in large part to the three cornerstones of our society; our capitalistic economy, our republic form of government, and our religious acceptance.  Even with this moniker and our systems being firmly in place to benefit all citizens, we still have people who work tirelessly to disrupt the bedrock of our existence, in most cases not out of spite or malice; instead out of unrealistic compassion or ignorant authority.  Add into this mix a very small percentage of people who spend their days in occupations or activities viewed as illegal and you begin to form the basis of this discussion.   Continue reading “Is Legal Theft a Requirement To Do Business?”