One City, Two Strangers, Two Perceptions

Two Strangers One City Two PerceptionsOnce more we can experience the power of the Wisdom of Three as presented through the eyes of Wise King Solomon. He was a Master at the art of understanding the human condition long before psychology was a science.  This is one example of why.

“This is a tale of two strangers visiting the same city on the same day and the account of their perception of the people they encountered while there.

A man named Jacob was thinking a moving his family to the village of Aria (meaning to meditate) but before doing so he wanted to determine if he and his family would like it there; for he knew no one who lived in the city.

One day he decided to set up a booth by the side of the road, selling fruits to the travelers between his town and the city of Aria. Shortly after doing so, a man walking from the city of Aria stopped to rest in the shade of Jacob’s tent.  Without so much as a word of greeting he took liberty to recline near a crate of dates.

Jacob trades greeting with the stranger and asks, “Have you ever been to Aria before this trip?”

“No, this is my first and last time to visit that retched place.” wiping the sweat from his brow.

“Why is this so” inquired Jacob.

“I have never been to a more inhospitable place in my life.” as he reaches into the basket by his side, taking a hand full of dates he pops one into his mouth. “The people were rude and eager to have little to do with me or my business.  Oh I say, they were friendly at first but soon their true nature shined through.  They were a cold hearted and self-centered people.  I will have no more to do with them.”

Soon the stranger stands, slowly walks around the booth and eventually leaves the tent, never once offering to pay for the fruit.

Minutes later another stranger enters the tent, coming from Aria. He too was a merchant.  Once in the shade, the man asks Jacob if he could rest under his tent only until others arrived then he would be out of his way.  He said he did not wish to impose.  Jacob said he was welcome to recline and he offered the stranger a cup of cool water.

Jacob made the same inquiry of this traveler. “Is this your first trip to Aria?”

“It is my friend. May I purchase some fruits for the balance of my journey?”

“Of course, pick that which you desire and I will make you a fair deal in return.” They finish the transaction before Jacob continues to question the man.

“What did you think of the people of Aria? Would you consider doing business there in the future?”

“I would indeed. The people were courteous and extremely eager to accommodate me.  Everyone was polite, fair and honest to do business with.  I feel like I have made many friends in only my first trip.”  Thanking the stranger, they parted ways.

Upon reflection; Jacob encountered two strangers both with differing perceptions of people of Aria.   He pondered; was the difference with the people the strangers met, or was the difference a result of which stranger the people met?

We all live in the same world, see the same things, meet the same people, and experience the same surroundings but each can perceive things differently.

Is not our own attitude and outlook on life part of how we are perceived by others?

What will strangers say about you once you are out of their sight as they continue their journey between the towns of their life? “

Author: Anthony Boquet

Anthony “Tony” Boquet, a native of South Louisiana and a resident of Franklin, TN. For 37 years he has been happily married to Toni Ann. They have two children, Thomas and Tiffany and three adorable grandchildren, Madison, Blake and Tyler. His hobbies include writing and reading, playing guitar, instructing TaeKwonDo and self-defense classes in HapKiDo, and riding motorcycles. Published Author “Bloodline of Wisdom, An Awakening of a Modern Solutionary” Released through Bush Publishing. A regular contributor in the Christian Family Publications and numerous financial journals and publications He holds multiple professional credentials bestowed by The American College of Financial Services Member of: St. Philip’s Catholic Church Knights of Columbus – 4th Degree The American College Alumni Association The Society of Financial Service Professionals Graduate: Purdue University Professional Management Institute Experiences includes: Adjunct Instructor on Leadership, Ethics, and Insurance related topics Financial Planner / Estate Planner Dynamic Public Speaker Faith and Business instructor on Ethical and Moral Wisdom Board Member of various Non-Profit organizations Business leader for 34 years Expert witness in insurance related court cases He is currently a Vice President at The American College Tony is excited to be finalizing work on his second book.

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